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The California Private College Alliance (CPCA) was launched by AICCU, along with California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Claremont McKenna College, Harvey Mudd College, Occidental College, Pomona College, Santa Clara University, Scripps College, Stanford University, and The University of Southern California. The alliance aims to increase access to private higher education institutions by expanding coordinated outreach to students, families, and counselors that will provide them with the information and resources needed to determine that California private college is possible.

Inaugural Institutional Partners of the Alliance


The Alliance launched its new initiative, “California Private College is Possible,” in March 2023 at

Santa Clara University. The initiative is centered on providing students, families, and counselors with valuable information, resources, and other critical facts they need when applying to independent California colleges and universities. The goal is to create a path to welcome historically underserved students to our state’s top schools in greater numbers. 

Misconceptions around the cost of attendance and financial aid, exclusivity, lack of representation on campuses, and other topics can lead to students overlooking and missing out on opportunities at private, nonprofit institutions. Our aim is to help clarify the admissions and financial aid processes, and provide a centralized resource for discovering opportunities at private institutions throughout our state. 

The Alliance seeks to expand the pathway to private, nonprofit college campuses for these students by creating joint resources to enhance what Alliance member institutions do individually to recruit and support lower-income students. This will include information on admission requirements, FAFSA, institutional financial aid, and more.

The initiative will also feature a series of events, including financial aid workshops and both virtual and

in-person college fairs.

The links below will take you to a partner institution resource page where you can find updated information concerning admissions, financial aid, campus profiles and much more!


The Alliance was formed with a smaller set of AICCU institutions, and as the work and scope of the Alliance grows, membership will expand to include many more AICCU member institutions. On a regional level, AICCU institutions provide tremendous college access opportunities for all students and this work will further build upon and coordinate those local efforts. 



AICCU is the organizational voice for over 80 independent, nonprofit colleges and universities in the state. This sector is an essential part of the higher education ecosystem in the state, enrolling 20% of all undergraduate students and over 50% of graduate students, who reflect the rich diversity of the state. AICCU supports Governor Gavin Newsom’s degree attainment goal and is committed to help meet it by increasing access and opportunity for traditionally underserved students. Each year AICCU publishes a College Guide and a Transfer Guide to California's private, nonprofit colleges and universities. The guides help counselors, students, and families learn about higher education options offered by the sector.


A Steering Committee leads the work of the Alliance and is chaired by Eva Blanco Masias of Santa Clara University.
Currently, the committee is comprised of:

Thomas F. Rosenbaum

President, California Institute of Technology


Hiram E. Chodosh

President, Claremont McKenna College

Maria Klawe

President, Harvey Mudd College

Harry J. Elam

President, Occidental College

G. Gabrielle Starr

President, Pomona College

Julie H. Sullivan

President, Santa Clara University

Suzanne Keen

President, Scripps College

Marc Tessier-Lavigne

President, Stanford University

Carol L. Folt

President, University of Southern California

Kristen F. Soares

President, AICCU

For more information, contact Danyelle Okamoto.


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