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Nearly 600 Counselors Participate in the AICCU Regional Counselor Conferences

The AICCU Regional Counselor Conferences brought together nearly 600 high school and community college transfer counselors to learn more about opportunities for their students to study at California’s private, nonprofit colleges and universities. 

The conferences were held in early September at the following AICCU member institutions: the University of the Pacific, the University of San Francisco, Whittier College, Mount Saint Mary’s University Los Angeles, and the University of La Verne. The final conference in the series was held virtually on Sept. 18, with over 180 counselors in attendance.

Each event featured sessions on admissions, financial aid, and student services that were designed to give counselors more insight on the requirements needed to be accepted into our diverse institutions and the range of support services offered to help their students succeed. Counselors were able to meet with representatives from 26 AICCU member institutions to get better acquainted with the unique programs offered at each campus. AICCU received positive feedback from counselors, with many suggesting the conferences become an annual tradition and others inviting AICCU to events at their K-12 schools.


Watch the Virtual AICCU Regional Counselor Conference



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